Informative note on personal data processing

(Art. 13 of EU Directive 679/2016 on personal data processing)

FERRARONI AFP with registered office in Via Sardi, 31/A – 43124 Parma (PR), Italy, states that it is the Data Controller pursuant to articles 4, n. 7 and 24 of EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 relating to the protection of individuals as regards the processing of personal data (hereinafter, “Regulation”) collected on the FERRARONI AFP website (hereinafter, the “Site”). With regard to the collection of personal data obtained from the filling in of forms on the FERRARONI AFP site – as well from interested individuals – and from companies that have a corporate account, FERRARONI AFP is, despite the fact that compulsory provision of an informative note no longer applies to the processing of personal data of legal entities (as the entire Privacy Code and the Regulation are inapplicable to such processing), nevertheless required to provide the informative note and acquire specific, mandatory consent where:

(1) the company is a sole proprietorship or partnership;

(2) the legal entity’s contacts’ data are processed for marketing purposes.

Personal data processing refers to any operation or set of operations, performed with or without the aid of automated processes and applied to personal data or sets of personal data, even if not saved on a database, such as collecting, recording, organising, structuring, storing, processing, selecting, disabling, adapting or modifying, extracting, consulting, using, transmitting, disclosing or making such data available by any other means, comparing, interconnecting, limiting, deleting or destroying it.

Personal data (email address only) shall be processed – manually and/or with the aid of computer/data processing tools – for the following purposes.

  1. To allow users to sign up to the FERRARONI AFP Information Service.


Firstly, processing of personal data provided by the user is performed for the purpose of enabling FERRARONI AFP to send technical-sales information.


  1. Communication and dissemination of personal data for processing purposes. The data provided may be made available to employees of FERRARONI AFP; as regards external communication, the data will be shared with:


  1. a) individuals assigned to maintaining the FERRARONI AFP website;
  2. b) individuals with whom sharing may be a legal requirement.


Individuals or categories of individuals who may become aware of the user’s personal data in their role as managers or employees/delegates include the following:

– FERRARONI AFP personnel in management roles;

– companies to whom FERRARONI AFP outsources tasks, including the IT technicians who manage the websites and the related electronic communication infrastructure necessary for their proper functioning, persons in charge of the processing; where appointed, data supervisors;

– external suppliers who provide FERRARONI AFP with support services to operate the Information Service, appointed data supervisors.

In order to send out and manage the FERRARONI AFP Information Service messages, the Company may use mass emailing services, which are provided with the data to perform such processing, and/or similar, equally qualified suppliers.

FERRARONI AFP shall use this information for aggregate statistical purposes to provide its users with ever-better service. Users can unsubscribe from the Information Service at any time via the link contained in each sent message. Pursuant to art. 21 of the Regulation, data processing consent is always revocable and users may object to their data being processed for marketing purposes at any time. Data shall not be shared with third parties nor disclosed.

  1. Compulsoriness/optional nature of consent for the purposes of processing personal data. In order to send Information Service messages FERRARONI AFP shall acquire specific, separate, express, documented, preventive and completely optional consent. In any case, even where the interested party has consented to FERRARONI AFP sending technical or sales information, he/she shall retain the right to revoke it at any time by sending an informal, clearly expressed message to . Following receipt of this opt-out request, FERRARONI AFP shall remove and delete the data used to provide send information service messages. Starting from the deletion request FERRARONI AFP reserves the right to follow up as per the terms set out in the Regulations.


  1. Third party data provided by interested party. The user acknowledges that any information on any third party that he/she has provided on the Information Service registration form constitutes a processing of personal data with respect to which the user acts as the independent data controller, assuming all obligations and responsibilities stated in the Regulations. In this sense, the user provides FERRARONI AFP with a guarantee that any data on third parties provided by said user (which will consequently be processed as if the third party had provided its own informed consent to processing, where mandatory) has been acquired by the user himself/herself in full compliance with Regulations. On this point, the user shall provide indemnity with respect to any processing-related dispute, claim, request for damages etc. which might reach FERRARONI AFP from any interested third party following provision of the data by the user in violation of applicable personal data protection rules.


  1. Data controller. Data shall not be transferred outside the EU and shall be stored for a period of ten years or until cancellation from the information service. You are also informed that the Data Controller is FERRARONI AFP with registered office in Via Sardi, 31/A – 43124 Parma (PR). To contact FERRARONI AFP quickly and communicate directly and effectively, please use the following contact details (including the e-mail address): tel. +39 0521 648742 e-mail . Interested parties may contact the Data Controller to assert their rights (access, rectification, deletion, opposition, updating) pursuant to art. 15 of the GDPR. The updated list of data supervisors is available from FERRARONI AFP head office.
  1. Rights of the interested party


Pursuant to articles 13, paragraph 2, letters (b) and (d), 15, 18, 19 and 21 of the Regulation, the interested party is informed that:


  1. a) he/she has the right to ask FERRARONI AFP for access to his/her personal data, to rectify or delete it or limit its processing or oppose its processing in the cases provided for;
  2. b) he/she has the right to lodge a complaint with the personal data protection Guarantor as per the procedures and instructions published on the official website of the Authority (;
  3. c) any corrections or deletions or limitations on processing carried out at the request of the interested party shall – unless this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort – be communicated to each of the recipients to whom the personal data has been transmitted. FERRARONI AFP may send the list of recipients to the interested party if he/she so requests. Exercising such rights is not subject to any constraint and is free of charge.


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